PhD Stipend

We are looking for a PhD student in Business Administration, with special focus on organization research and international business, to start during spring 2016.

You will be a part of a research project titled “Learning how to internationalize in practice – a case study of how local national firms from emerging markets acquire large multinational firms”. Read more about the project and how to apply here!

New research grant

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Beyond the market stalls and ivory towers: A study on integrated science for sustainable provision of knowledge
This research proposal focuses attention on the emerging perspective of integrated science as a method for how to involve various stakeholders in society and jointly contribute to knowledge development; a perspective that has been called for both within research and in the public debate about the role of science in society. While collaboration between academia and other societal sectors is often emphasized as being important it is also filled with conflicting, and sometimes naïve, views of different roles in the knowledge production system, as well as expectations. The aim of this project is to develop an understanding of preconditions for initiatives towards integrative knowledge production, to handle previously identified challenges and to reach the often-stated promises of such collaborations. By examining the dynamic learning processes of three collaborative platforms in Sweden, addressing challenges with environment, health, and social wellbeing in the context of international experiences of integrated science, we will contribute with empirical and theoretical insights into integrated knowledge development for securing long-term and sustainable provision of knowledge in society.

Fekis 2015

Diskussion ”Om att lära (ut) och leda (in). Reflektioner kring ledarskap i förändring.”tillsammans med Mats Alvesson och Martin Blom (EHL, LU), 22 oktober 2015.

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Ny Bok

“När Ledarskapet krackelerar”
Ny bok för de som slits mellan strategiska drömmål och operativa göromål. Om ledarskap bortom Instagramfilter och Harlequinromantik.‬‬ Läs mer här.